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Find Bars, Clubs or Pubs

The place of business is in Stühlingen in the beautiful southern Black Forest. The company was founded by five friends in the year 2014. Their motivation is it to create a worldwide platform for everyone to search bars, pubs and clubs. The Banananights app is developed by the experience of many trips and countless evenings in searching a spot for nice evening.

Yes! All functions in Banananights are for free.

No, you can use Banananights without a registration. However it is necessary to register in order to buy vouchers, to save your Match Rate settings, to add locations to your favorites, to write reviews or to upload photos.

For registration please click here. It takes less than one minute.

1. Enter the city on the welcome page. Banananights is available in more then 40 countries.
2. Select your preferences for music style, location type, dress code, maximum drink price and entrance fee. Following it calculates the Match Rate.
3. The result will be shown in a list and a map. The match rate tells you how the bar or club matches with your Match Rate settings. 100% means that the location meets your preferences totally. 0% means that nothing matches with your criteria.

To set the default Match Rate preferences click “My account” in the menu and select “Match preferences”. After saving your preferences, those settings will be used for all further searches. To change the match rate settings temporarily click “Change preferences” on top of the result list.

The colors display the match to your preferences:

Green: Location matches your preferences well.
Yellow: Location matches your preferences partly.
Red: Location doesn’t match your preferences at all.

Be aware: The Match Rate and the star rating aren't related to each other.

Every user can rate a location. Five stars is the best and means that the bar or the club is totally recommended and vice versa.

When visitors are logged in, they can share their impressions about the location with the community. The statistics shows the rating of some special criteria's.

Common questions

If you forget your password please click here.

We constantly try to improve Banananights. If you have found a bug, please report it using the support form here.

If you have a great idea, then don't hesitate and contact us here. Let us know immediately. We are looking forward to your suggestions!

If you want to quit your Banananights membership completely then go to your account here and click "Quit Banananights membership".